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3 Souvenirs from my trip to Oz

I am crazy about Dr. Mehmet Oz! A beautiful heart surgeon, author, speaker and star of his own TV show, has become the gold standard for accurate, reliable advice from the medical world.

Dr. Oz has been one of the medical experts who spoke at the Symposium integrative health earlier this month. Here are some nuggets of wisdom that he shared, along with some ways that it would be advisable to integrate his advice the wellbeing goals.

1) Remember your resistance level at the age of 17 years?

Dr. Oz says it should be the same when you’re level 65! Really? Although you may have less strength as you age, essentially extends your “lifetime warranty” how to keep your physical activity. What eventually leads to poor health is fragile, the inability to recover. What robs us of such resilience? Sedentary lifestyle and lack of muscle mass (especially for women to estrogen declining years). But the exercise helps reverse the loss.

The Take-away

“Exercise” doesn’t mean the continuous cardio intensity that was popular in the past. If you don’t want to run the marathon addition, well … just keep moving! Strength training and interval training (you just accelerate one of 10 minutes) and yoga are preferable. That is feasible-for life.

Maybe it’s not ability, but your mind block that is standing in your way, the thought that says “I’m too old” or “it’s too late” or “that’s impossible”. Not at all-just to know where to start. Endurance is not immediate; accumulates over time. That’s what we’re looking for.

I saw this in my practice. We are far more capable than we think often, and feel the pride and energy client entries when you share their latest efforts to move to the next level.

2) Without a good night’s sleep, expect problems.

During sleep at night time, the body Restore depleted function and repair everyday wear. Take away that sleep quality, and your body craves sweets to keep the energy report. A sleep-deprived body also stores extra fat and produces hormones that make you feel hungrier. Lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease and immune challenges. There’s no way around it: sleep is essential.

The Take-away

Good sleep is refreshing, and it also helps your body maintain a healthy weight. Give yourself optimum conditions of sleep by adopting some suggestions of sleep Dr. Oz Toolkit:

-Dim lights at the beginning to imitate the sunset and encourage your body’s natural release of melatonin.

-Wear loose clothing.

-Reduce the ambient noise.

-Keep the temperature around 68F.

3) If you slip, go now!

We will slip up; that is human. The trick is to not give up. If your goal is to exercise, a new eating plan or a business strategy, the difficulties are inevitable but not insurmountable. Recognize and return immediately on your floor.

The Take-away

Think of your plan as a GPS. Make a wrong turn? Notice the entry does not blame for your mistake. Rather, recalibrate, or provides an alternative route. You may need to make a u-turn, but soon you are still on your way. No judgment-only useful guidance.

Reading these sensible tips, seems to find well-being should be simple. Change is possible, when you have a plan that works for you. There is something in the tips above you can adopt now? Commit to it. Although it is a small step, it is a step in the right direction.

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