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How to prepare children for Ear surgery

If you have a child who needs surgery microtia, you must take some steps to prepare him or her. If he or she is still a baby or a child, there may not be much you can do in terms of preparation for treatment. But older children who understand more can be nervous and want to feel assured ahead of time. Consider some ways to do it.

First should speak with your pediatrician to determine how to prepare your family for treatment. If you have other children, you probably will want to know a little bit what’s going to happen, too. If the pediatrician is experienced in treating children and explain difficult concepts in a simple way, you should ask him or her to talk to your children. Most doctors are happy to explain the basics of microtia surgery so their patients and their families understand everything. This can help you and your family be assured that everything is going well.

If your child is still nervous after obtaining an explanation, make sure you have made clear you are happy to answer any questions. Many children need extra reassurance so they need to feel comfortable asking you questions you may have, and probably you don’t need to be a doctor to respond to them. Your child probably wants to know if it will hurt the treatment and how long it will take to recover. He or she may also want to know what to expect next, such as the ears are similar. That’s why you might consider looking at before and after photos with him or her to show you what to expect.

You can also talk about what surgery microtia will do for your son or daughter. Once he or she is aware of the benefits, probably will be a change in attitude. Some guys who understand what the operation can also be excited for it so they can see the results. If you want to increase the excitement, you can make plans to do something fun for a couple of weeks after the operation. For example, you can plan a trip to a theme park so all your family has something fun to focus on once the ear surgery.

Your child’s doctor may be able to give you more advice depending on your circumstances. Appropriate suggestions for preparation depend on the age and temperament of each child. As long as you’re aware of all the feelings that your child might have regarding the impending operation, should be able to help him or her feel more relaxed as possible before getting the microtia surgery.

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