Senin, 15 April 2013

The artisan produce Renaissance-because we're all going crazy about power the old way of style?

These are tough economic times. Every newspaper carries a depressing story, or ten, as we’re all going to work until we have 109 and our national health system is the place to go if you want to catch a disease, rather than cure, as doctors are all on strike and administrators can’t afford more Dettol.

So why is it that, despite all this pain, there is a growing trend fast premium produce from small farms, artisan bakers and hand-decorated with rose petals cupcake makers?

Is the desire to spend our hard-earned cash on items that we really enjoy?

The gloomy environment makes us more self-reflective, which translates into an ethically minded spending?

All of us have been influenced by stories blaming corporations effectively to the State of the world and as such we all rebel against them in our grocery, driven, so?

The answer is obviously not going to be as simple as any of these, but for me there is a combination of different topics that probably holds the key: with the onslaught of economic Armageddon we have all been left literally unable, or morally, to do what many of us, especially in the big cities, love most; all our money to spend on eating out favorite restaurants as often as possible.

We’re happy to waste away from Monday to Thursday, sub-standard food at home, blaming our lack of ability to heat things up correctly, while taking comfort in the fact that in a few days time we would once again in one of our favorite eating establishments arrogant, food, love and trust.

Now that we are all stuck at home waiting for the next pay cheque to pay the heating Bill, or so they would have us believe, the benefit of all those episodes of Naked Chef, eagerly consumed early Noughties, begins to be reaped.

But to offer the spatchcock marinade poussins and boar burgers in a freshly baked ciabbatta with Arugula and mustard, uncut promised by Jamie, Gordon, Hugh and we need to get hold of products that makes them really special. And so we follow the path of high quality, low volume, often by hand, which produce the backbone of craft Renaissance taking the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide.

Check back in 10 years for my next piece is why microwave ovens are the Michelin ‘ choice

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