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The do's and Don'ts of hair healthy and beautiful

If you want your hair to grow and prosper, the best thing you can do for it is to cure properly. If you can do that well, it will grow rapidly.

Below, we will explain some of the dos and Don’ts of taking care of your hair and promote healthy growth.

To do:

1. Use comb/hairbrush made from natural materials

When you choose a comb or hairbrush, try one made from natural materials. Wood Combs & brushes from boar hair are good choices. Brushes and combs are much less likely to cause hair breakage than those made with artificial materials.

2. use a mask for natural hair for healthy growth

Your hair needs to nourish and moisturise to grow and you can meet these requirements by using a mask for natural hair with a collagen proteins and vegetable oil mixed in it. Apply on a regular basis.

Avoid using masks containing silicon and other substances that can damage your hair.

Not to do:

1. Tie your hair, pull it back too tight

If you tie your hair back, make sure it’s not too pulled back. Continually putting too much pressure on its roots can cause it to break, or even fall.

Don’t worry if you usually wear your hair up-that alone will not keep growing, but you have to be careful not to press too firmly in place.

2. don’t hold your hair dryer too close to the scalp

When drying your hair, don’t use an excessively high temperature setting and not hold your hair dryer any closer to the scalp.

In addition, should refrain from the use of straightening or curling irons, as these tools often cause damage and breakage of hair and broken and damaged hair does not grow at the same pace.

3. Keep the use of chemicals to a minimum

Keep the use of hair chemicals to a minimum.

Lacquer is well-known to leave your hair dry, brittle and susceptible to damage. Coloring it or treat it regularly with other chemicals can also cause rupture, because these treatments damage the keratin in the hair, making them thinner.

4. avoid using hard water

Avoid using hard water to wash my hair. Fresh water is better.

Limestone in hard water can easily damage your hair, especially if other factors were already weakened. If your water is hard, use bottled water, at least for rinsing your hair after you wash it.

5. do not scrub too often/vigorously

Be careful not to brush your hair too often or too vigorously. Overdoing it might pull out some.

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